If you're ever curious.


Origami for fun

Probably one of the most Asian thing I can do is making origami. I like crafting things in general, 3D puzzles are always intriguing, I have a collection of 3D puzzle buildings at home (glow in the dark!). Well, here it is, just in case you're curious, this is how you make an origami frog.


Step 1

Start with a piece of square origami paper color side down. Fold it on the diagonal as shown in the dash line below. 

Step 2

Now fold the paper into two on the dash line as shown. Crease well.

Step 3

Bring the top flap over to the right and open the paper slightly. We’ll now make a squash fold by...squashing down the paper!

Step 4

Flip the paper over. Now bring the flap from right to left. Open up the flap and make a squash fold.

Step 5

Next insert your finger in one of the pockets in the square base. Move the pocket around to the front, then flatten and crease it.

Step 6

Now perform the squash fold three more times!

Step 7

Next fold and unfold the corners as shown, to make crease-marks.



Step 8

Next comes another classic origami move, it's the petal fold.

Step 9

Now perform the petal fold three more times (on the other three faces of the diamond), to create the origami frog base.


Step 10

Fold the frog base down the centerline as shown. Then fold the lower edges of one layer into the centerline.

Step 11

Then perform previous three steps again, 3 more times, until the piece looks like the one to the left.

Step 12

Time to turn the tadpole into a frog! Use reverse folds to create the two front legs.

Step 13

Now use reverse folds to stretch the back legs.

Step 14

Apply reverse folds again, twice each on the front and back pairs of legs, as it is shown in the diagram to the left.

Step 15

Apply reverse folds again, twice each on the front and back pairs of legs, as shown in the diagram to the left.

Step 16

Now you’ll need blow where shown, to inflate the frog’s body.


Step 17

You can make the frog hop for short distances by pressing on the rear!